• October 15, 2017

How to Become a Furry

How to Become a Furry

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The furry fandom has expanded greatly over the years with their ever increasing numbers. This in turn made them more and more visible to the public. Gaming, comics and anime conventions has also contributed greatly in helping boost their popularity. Because of this, furries now have their own dedicated conventions in the form of fur cons with a large number of attendances every year. It is never too late to join the fandom and for that matter, let us look at a few ways on how to become a furry.

It should be noted that almost each and every one of us had an exposure to furries especially during our early ages. You might remember the old cartoon shows that you were watching back then which were comprised of anthropomorphic animals. Others have outgrown their love and adoration for them while some retains it even after their later years. The latter has contributed to the rise in popularity of the furry fandom. Even adults enjoy such fandom through Love Plugs.


As mentioned earlier, exposure to furries has been present in our early years. As a result, just about anyone can be a furry fan regardless of their age or gender. Kids can have a strong fascination about furries making it one of their hobbies. For that matter, there is no strict rule to follow on how to become a furry. Anyone can be one by pursuing their dreams.

You can’t tell a person is a furry fan just by their image alone. A huge number of furry fans don’t express their love for the fandom in the public. Others do this by sharing their unique creations of furry art and other related works over the internet. It is also pretty common to make a furry persona fans identify themselves with. Creating your very own fursona is something that should not be taken granted as it is considered to be as one of the prerequisites of becoming a furry.

We’ve mentioned a few pointers on how to help you become a furry. For others, becoming a furry can be a full fledged career while others take it as a form of hobby. Regardless of your decision, you will definitely have a great time meeting other furry fans who share your similar likes and interest. A good place to meet fellow fans is by attending furry conventions. Look for the nearest furry convention in your area today!