• October 25, 2017

How to Know if Your Bone China Dinnerware Set Is Authentic?

How to Know if Your Bone China Dinnerware Set Is Authentic?

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Bone China is a popular dinnerware set of choice because of the unique properties they possess. Durability is one of them with bone china considered to be one of the strongest of the porcelain or china ceramics. This in turn makes this type of dinnerware chip resistant, like SPlate, with them having a very high mechanical strength. The same can also be sad with regards to the level of whiteness and translucency which is also considered to be very high. This is the reason why Bone China is endeared by many resulting to a huge number of individuals wanting to get one for their own.

Bone China has become very much accessible with a number of dinnerware stores setting up and integrating their items online. This made it possible for people to purchase a variety of dinnerware items of their choice at any given time when the need calls for them to do so. The accessibility however, may prove to be problematic especially for those who are looking for authentic dinnerware items. Luckily, there are a few ways on how to tell if the Bone China dinnerware set that you’ve bought is authentic.



Price is one of the factors that can help you tell of a Bone China dinnerware set is authentic. It should be noted that the creating of Bone China involves a lot of meticulous process also requiring intensive labor. This makes Bone China items a bit more expensive compared to the other dinnerware counterparts.





Aside from their cost, an easy way to determine if your Bone China is legit is by placing them near a light source. Bone China is considered to be translucent which allows enough light to pass through it. You should be able to see your fingers through an authentic Bone China dinnerware set.


Trademark and Other Related Information

Another thing to note is that Bone China dinnerware sets are registered by the manufacturer and its trademark and number, as well as the pattern name. These type of information can be found under each piece. Be sure to check them out. This however can become difficult to read over time but you can have an appraiser to have these items checked for you.

Authentic Bone China does indeed offer a good amount of benefit to its users. Consider the tips listed above with your purchase of Bone China dinnerware sets.