• October 15, 2017

Ideas for Wedding Photo Booths

Ideas for Wedding Photo Booths

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Weddings are incomparable. They’re one of the most special events a person celebrates in life as they come only once. Being the treasure that they are, the ceremony and the celebration that comes after are ought to be planned very exquisitely to guarantee a wedding that is to be remembered for a lifetime by everyone involved. With the bride and the groom being very particular with how the best day of their lives will be like, the event planners are left with the hefty task of ensuring a memorable turnout of the wedding. Fortunately, there are hundreds of ways to spice up this celebrations. A planner just has to be as creative as he/she could ever get to give the engaged clients a union for the books. A certain product of creative thinking is the set-up of photo booths for events like a wedding. Photo booths add sophistication, color, and fun to the celebration. Click here to get the grasp of its effects to the party. Here we list several ways to elevate one’s photo booth game for a party of a lifetime.


The backdrop is the life of the photo booth. For a photo booth to work, it needs to have the right aesthetics. A planner could use the idea of a couple from Melbourne, Australia where they simply put flowers on the background and just the tuned the other materials to be used with the color of these flowers for their wedding’s photo booth. All of the elements involved in the photo booth rely heavily on the look of the backdrop, so a planner needs to choose her backdrop wisely. One could also go for balloons (heart-shaped ones as it’s a wedding), fabrics that are relevant to the theme of the wedding, mosquito netted sofa, paper flowers, or vines.

Another way to bump up a wedding photo booth is to arrange the booth according to how the couple first met. If the couple were classmates in college, a planner could assemble the booth like a classroom with items resembling the ones that played a significant part in the development of the couple’s story. It could also be assembled like a coffee shop if they first met in a coffee shop, or a mini sports hall if they meet in a football game, and so on. A planner could also include replica of things that remind the couple of great times in their relationship. The goal really is to paint a smile on the couple’s face when they look at pictures of their wedding day. With this in mind, a planner could successfully plan for a wedding that the bride and the groom would bear in their hearts until the end of time.