• July 9, 2017

Best Unusual Personalized Gift Ideas for Dads for Father’s Day

Best Unusual Personalized Gift Ideas for Dads for Father’s Day

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Long gone are the days when the only personalized gift most people could think of buying for Father’s Day was a pen. Almost every gift on the planet can now be personalized in some way which makes choosing an unusual gift for dads even harder.

This article offers advice on choosing an unusual special gift for Father’s Day that is sure to please.

Unique Gifts for Special Dads

A present is made all the more special if a little thought goes into it so how about these ideas:

●        Caricature portrait.     Many online companies like Deadringer Cartoons can now create     amazingly accurate caricatures simply by providing a suitable photo.     Choose from either an existing template with a pre-drawn body shape or     splash out and ask for a hand-drawn caricature using a unique photo of the     person in action.

●        Photo Portrait.     A less humorous version of a funny caricature is a watercolor or portrait     painted in oils. Again, these can be produced from a simple photo although     the best result will be achieved by providing a close-up shot of dad     rather than one taken as part of a group on a family day out at the     seaside.

●        Personalized fine wine. Dads who love to taste wine will appreciate a bottle     of classic French Bordeaux complete with personal wine label.     Alternatively, get his name printed on a bottle of fine port or Scottish     whiskey, basically whatever he likes to drink on special occasions.

●        Printed Golf Balls.     Golf loving dads will love a box of custom printed golf balls, quick and     easy to order online with express next day delivery if required.

Cool Gadgets for Father’s Day

If dad is young at heart, hip and trendy then forget personalized gifts and consider these instead:

●        iPhone Apps.     Download a few useful apps for his iPhone like MotionX GPS to turn     his phone into a complete global positioning satellite device. If he doesn’t     have an iPhone, club together with the rest of the family to buy him one!

●        Blue Tooth Sunglasses.     Let him talk to his family and friends through a pair of sunglasses! Oakley     O ROKR shades are aimed at mountain bikers and snowboarders but any     dad can wear them to listen to favorite music or make calls wireless-free.

●        Spy pen video camera.     Available from dealnews.com, this is a pen that actually     looks and works like a real pen but also allows dad to play Sherlock and     record up to an hour of spy footage through the pen’s tiny camera and     built-in microphone.

Buying Personalized Father’s Day Gifts Online

Remember to allow plenty of time for ordering gifts on the internet. Printing wine labels or having portraits made from photos to order takes a little time so don’t wait until the last minute when most gift companies will be rushing to fulfill all their Father’s Day orders.

Last Minute Unique Gifts for Men

If time has run out to put dad’s name on a present, last minute gifts with a generic “best dad” or “head of the household” type logo include:

●        Mousemats.

●        T-shirts or sweat tops.

●        Digital watches.

●        Giant tea mugs.

●        Gym towels.

But these are all pretty dull so get organized now and decide what to buy in advance.

Original Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

Give an original gift to dad this Father’s Day, either a unique personalized caricature or portrait or go for a cool gadget that will really make him smile and show how much the family appreciates him.